My Equipment

My very first camera - bought at the age of 10 - was a Kodak Instamatic 126. I still have some of the photos it took, and whilst you wouldn't want to blow them up to any great size, the clarity and detail is surprisingly good.

Equipment has moved on lots since then, and I've owned a succession of great cameras, including a basic Russian Zenit SLR, which taught me more about light and composition than any other camera I've owned!

My current kit is based around a couple of Nikon Digital SLR camera bodies (still the best I believe). I have a variety of different lenses, but my favourite is a Tamron 17-50mm f.2.8 zoom. The quality and sharpness from this lens is astounding, and its wide angle of view lets me take stunning landscape shots.

Of course, new kit is coming out all the time, and I've just bought a Canon S95 compact camera that I can carry around with me everywhere. The quality of the pictures this tiny little camera takes is phenomenal, and because it slips easily into my pocket, I never need miss a shot!

  • Westport Sunset
    'Winter Sunset'
    Westport, CT
  • Avon Gorge
    'Avon Gorge'
    Bristol, UK
  • Footsteps
    Gower Peninsula, Wales